How to use Task Cards

Created and edit task cards throughout StudioBinder using the Task Sidebar.

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StudioBinder's Tasks feature allows you to create and track Task Cards for your project, but did you know you can use Task Cards on other Task-enabled pages? Follow this guide to learn how!

Step 1 — Go to a Task Enabled page

Open the Task Sidebar on a Task-enabled page (Project Overview, Screenplay, Notes, Breakdowns, Stripboards, Reports, Sides, Elements, Moodboards, Storyboards, Shot Lists, Locations, Project Contacts, Calendars, Media Library).

Step 2 — View Task Sidebar

With the Task Sidebar open, you can view all Tasks attached to a Feature, which will change depending on the page.

Note: The task sidebar on the Project Overview page will aggregate all of the tasks from other pages. Each project feature will have its own icon next to the task card name.

Step 3 — Close Task Sidebar

When you're done, close the Task Sidebar by clicking the "→I" icon.

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