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How to Bulk Rename an Element
How to Bulk Rename an Element

If you change a character name or need to rename a prop in multiple scenes, try renaming the element.

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When you tag elements in Breakdowns each tag is saved to your Element List. Any tags that have the same name, such as a Cast Member Element, are automatically grouped together. However, if you need to change all of an Element's tags at once, just follow these steps.

Step 1 — Go to your Elements page

In Elements select a category and click View Elements.

Step 2 — Select an Element

Select an Element from the list and click the More Icon (⋮) to the right, then click Edit Element.

Step 3 — Save New Name

Retitle the Element, then click Rename Element. The Element's tags will update throughout the Breakdown to reflect the changes made.

Note: This will not update the name throughout the script. To update the name in the script you will have to edit the script manually on the Screenplays page.

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