After you import a script or create a custom list, you can use the Shot Lists & Storyboard feature to visualize your project scene by scene, shot by shot. Furthermore, after you add shots you can apply images for reference. 

Uploading photos to your shot list are useful to know the exact shots you'll be capturing for your production, however, you can use it in creative ways as well. For example, create a shot list of your location scout photos and switch the layout to Storyboard view for a moodboard.

To begin uploading images to your shot list, follow these steps:

Step 1 — Hover Over Image Thumbnail

On Shot Lists & Storyboards, use the cursor to hover over an empty image thumbnail.

Step 2 — Click Image Thumbnail

As you hover, click the image thumbnail to access your files.

Step 3 — Upload Your Image

Select an Image from your files, then click Apply to upload the image.

What's the best format and size for images?

We support most file types, i.e. .jpg, .png, etc., however, we suggest keeping the file size small in general (around 150KB).

Is there a way to upload all the images at once instead of individually?

Currently, you can only upload images per shot panel.

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