After you import a script or create a custom list, you can use the Shot Lists & Storyboard feature to visualize your project scene by scene, shot by shot. However, if you add a shot you really like, no need to make it twice, just duplicate it.

Step 1 — Duplicate Shot

Click the More Icon (⋮) located at the right end of each shot strip, or in the top right corner of a Storyboard shot. Then click Duplicate Shot.

Step 2 — Edit and Save

Input any necessary changes to the shot, then click Save & Close. The duplicate shot will appear next to or below the original.

Step 3 — Use Hotkeys

Select a shot or hold Shift to select multiple shots, then use ⌘+C or Ctrl+C to copy the shot, it will show grey stripes when it is copied. Then use ⌘+V or Ctrl+V to paste the shot. Finally, refresh the page to enable the duplicate.

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