After you import a script or create a custom list, you can use the Shot Lists & Storyboard feature to visualize your project scene by scene, shot by shot. However, if you make a mistake while adding shots, there are multiple ways to edit a shot.

Option 1 — The More Menu

Click the More Menu Icon () located at the right end of each strip, or in the top right corner of your Storyboard shot (displayed below). Then click, Edit Shot to access the shots pop-menu.

Option 2 — Click to Edit

Alternatively, you can edit a shot through it's detail drop-down menus by clicking on the detail you wold like to change (i.e. Shot Type, Shot Size, etc.). Or you can open the shot's pop-up menu by clicking on it's description.

Option 3 — Edit with Hotkeys

Select a shot, then click E on your keyboard to open the pop-up menu.

How do I specify the multiple cameras I'll be using for a shot list?

Inside the Edit Shot List pop-up, click the dropdown on Camera. You'll see an option for CAM A, B, C, D, etc. or simply add a Custom camera.

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