StudioBinder's Sharing feature allows users to have complete control of their invitees' permissions. After inviting Reviewers and Collaborators to view, comment, or edit, you can use the Sharing Menu to manage an invitee's permissions.

Step 1 – Access Sharing Menu

Go to the page you would like to share, then click the Share Icon ( 🔗  ).

Step 2 – View Invitee's Current Permission

Hover a contacts Permission Icon to view their status. There are three different permission statuses; Can View (👁 ), Can Comment (💬 ), Can Edit (✏️  ).

Step 3 – Change Invitee's Permissions

Click on an invitee's Permission Icon to open the permission menu, select a new status, then Refresh the Page to display any changes.
NOTE: Current statuses are displayed in the menu by a checkmark (✔️ ) to the right.

NOTE: The contacts original email invite is still accessible, but the permissions have changed. You can also Resend an Invite to inform them of the status change.

What's Next?

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