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How to Invite a Collaborator to a Page
How to Invite a Collaborator to a Page

Learn how to grant editing permissions to invitees.

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StudioBinder's Sharing feature allows users to have complete control of their invitees' permissions. Collaborators can be invited to individual pages of a project and given permission to view, comment, or edit on that page.

Learn how to invite a collaborator below.

Note: To invite collaborators you must be subscribed to the Professional plan (or above).

Step 1 – Access Sharing Menu

Go to the page you would like to share, then click the Share Icon.

Step 2 – Click Invite Collaborators

On the overlay, click Invite Collaborators To This Page.

Step 3 – Grant Permissions

In the pop-up, enter a name and an email address and use the drop-down menu to set their permission, then click Invite (X) Collaborator.

Note: Collaborators will not have access to an entire project. They will only be able to access the page they have been invited to using the link in the email they will receive.

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