StudioBinder's Sharing feature allows users to have complete control of their invitees' permissions. Reviewers can view a page via URL or invite. However, account owners can also permit Reviewers to comment on a page.

Step 1 – Access Sharing Menu

Go to the page you would like to share, then click the Share Icon ( 🔗  ).

Step 2 – Invite a Person

Click Invite a Person and enter the invitees details.

Step 3 – Grant Permissions

Use the Permissions Menu to select Can Comment (💬 ), then click Invite Person. Or add multiple people by clicking Invite Another.
NOTE: Current statuses are displayed in the menu by a checkmark (✔️ ) to the right.

What's Next?

Invite Reviewers & Collaborators

Manage Reviewers & Collaborators

Revoke Sharing Permissions

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