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How to share a view-only page
How to share a view-only page

Learn how to generate and share a view-only URL.

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It's difficult to keep an entire production team on the same page, but StudioBinder's Sharing feature makes collaboration simple. Sharing gives users the ability to generate view-only URL's that are unlisted, page-specific, and revokable; allowing for secure and manageable collaboration with Reviewers.

For example, if you want to send a Calendar page to someone via email, you can easily Share it and it's not required for your teammates to have an account to view it.

Note: You can share View-Only links on the Free plan, however, you must be subscribed to a higher plan to share with Collaborators that can edit a page. 

Step 1 – Access Sharing Menu

Go to the page you would like to share, then click the Share button.

Step 2 – Generate a URL

In the pop-up menu, click Generate Share URL.

Step 3 – Copy Link

Click Copy Link next to the URL, then share it with anyone on your team.

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