How To Edit a Calendar Event

Learn how to make changes to your events in Production Calendars.

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Production Calendar's events are so much more than a bar on a chart. Each event generates it's own unique Task Card that can be used to assign teammates, upload attachments, indicate statuses, and so much more.

Watch this video to see how to edit a calendar event, or read the text below πŸ‘‡

Step 1 β€” Choose an Event

Hover over any given event to get a quick view of it's Task Card. Click and event directly on it's title to edit the Task Card.

Step 2 β€” Make Changes

Make any necessary changes to the dates, color coding, task, or add a comment.

Step 3 β€” Save

When you're done, just click away from the card to save it.

Note: To change the start date of a group you must change the earliest event within that group.

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