If your project has a too many moving parts to track, don't limit yourself to one calendar, StudioBinder allows you to create multiple calendars for the same project.

Watch this video to see how to add calendars, or read the text below πŸ‘‡

Step 1 β€” Add Calendar

Access the Production Calendar drop down menu and click Add Calendar.

Step 2 β€” Title Your Calendar

Give your Production Calendar a unique name.

Step 2 β€” Create

Finally, if you've created a template, you can apply it. Or just choose Blank Calendar, click Create, and you're done.

How do I reorder Projects on my All Calendars page?

If you reorder your Project positions, it will automatically update your Calendar Projects ordering.

Is there a traditional Calendar view (instead of a Gantt Chart)?

Currently, we only provide a Gantt Chart versus another layout (i.e. traditional calendar, List view, etc.).

Can I add the Calendar Feature on the Free plan?

Yes, the calendar feature is available on the Free plan, however, you must enable it first.

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