Shooting schedule reports provide an overview of your shoot days, scenes, and elements in an easy to customize report. You can filter your report by day, elements and notes. For example, having your report handy makes it convenient when there's a question on set and you need to quickly review a scene and its details. 

Printing or saving a copy of your shooting schedule report will make it convenient to review details like scene notes and elements at a moments notice.

Note: To view the shooting schedule reports, you must add day breaks.

View shooting schedule reports

  1. Go to the Reports page

  2. Click Shooting Schedule from the drop-down, click Print.

  3. In the print pop-up, select your printer (to print) or Save as PDF, then click Save.

How to customize your Shooting Schedule Report

It's a breeze to customize your reports. Here is a list of the specific filters you can apply to make the report fit your specific needs:

  • Scene Notes

  • Elements

  • Filter by Day

  • Scene setting

  • Int/Ext

  • Cast ID

  • Shoot Location

  • Start time

Can the scene colors on the stripboard be changed?

The scene colors are based on the time of day description for the scene. For example, an interior daylight scene is white. they cannot be changed manually.

Are there different layout options for the shooting schedule when printing?

The layout of the shooting schedule cannot be changed, or customized.

Can I print out the entire shooting schedule instead of just one scene?

When you print or save your shooting schedule, it will do so for the entire page unless you specify otherwise in the print dialog pop-up.

Is it possible to export my shooting schedule to an .xlsx (Excel) file?

Currently, this option is not available.

How do I save or print a One Liner Scheduler?

On the Reports page, deselect all the options besides "Scene Details" to generate a one-liner scheduler.

Best practices


  • You can always share a link to the shooting schedule directly with a contributor and avoid saving as a PDF or printing. This will help keep multiple PDF's or copies from floating around

  • Make sure you review the print settings. This is useful when you need to remove
    headers, footers and URLs from your PDF.

What's Next?

Great, now that you learned how to print and save your shooting schedule, it's time to:

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