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How To Use Task Cards in Breakdowns
How To Use Task Cards in Breakdowns

Avoid disorganized email chains and workflow by using Task Cards throughout your entire project.

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Task Cards are an incredible way to keep track of your teams workflow and projects. The ability to create tasks in Breakdowns makes it easy for teams to assign props, locations, and so much more to the correct departments.

Step 1 — Create New Task Card

Click the Task Checklist Icon to open the Task Sidebar. Then click New Task Card.

Step 2 — Title The Task

Title your Task Card and hit Enter to view the Task Card details menu.

Step 3 — Detail and Assign the Task

Fill out the optional Task Card details if necessary, and then click the "X" to return to your breakdown.

Note: All task cards will be aggregated to the Tasks page of your project to give you an overview of the progress of all tasks throughout the project.

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