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How To Use Scene Notes in Breakdowns
How To Use Scene Notes in Breakdowns

StudioBinder digitizes every aspect of breaking down a screenplay, even the ability to add unique script notes to every scene.

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If you have ever seen a Script Supervisor's breakdown, it is usually a document covered in notes. After you import a script, use Scene Notes to create organized and comprehensive remarks on your project. After Scene Notes have been added, you can view them in your Reports.

Step One — Go to Breakdowns

Navigate to the Breakdown pop-out menu and click Breakdowns then click a scene heading to open the tagging page.

Step Two — Add Notes

Scroll to the bottom of your scene's Breakdown and then click in the text field to begin populating the text field with information.

Step Three — Format Your Notes

Use the toolbar above the text field to choose Formatting Options. You can make bullet points, numbered lists, and even remove formatting from pasted text.

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