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How to remove tagged elements
How to remove tagged elements

Decided you don't need a prop for you project? No problem, delete tagged Elements at anytime with StudioBinder.

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Are you looking to untag a character (or another element) from a scene? Not to worry though, if you make mistakes while tagging elements, you can easily remove them from your script Breakdowns.

Read the text below 👇 to see how to remove tagged elements in breakdowns.

Step 1 — Navigate to Breakdowns 

In your Breakdown sidebar menu click Breakdowns, then select a scene to open it.

Step 2 — Open the More menu

Expand the element categories by clicking on Scene Elements, then click the More Icon () in the sidebar.

Step 3 — Remove the Element  

In the drop-down menu, select Remove From Scene to remove the element only from that scene or Remove All Mentions to remove the tagged element from every scene it has been tagged in.

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