Manually add a Day Break

Learn how to manually place Day Breaks in your Shooting Schedule.

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After you import a screenplay, StudioBinder generates a shooting schedule of your scenes. You can automatically add Day Breaks to your stripboard, but if you want even more precision, simply follow these instructions to add day breaks manually.

Step 1 — Add Day Break

On your Stripboards page, click the More Icon (⋮) to the right of a Scene Strip. Then click Insert Day Break Under to place a Day Break under the strip.

Step 1 (Alternate) — Use the Day Break Button

On your Shooting Schedule page, click ⨁Day Break to add a Day Break at the bottom of the Stripboard.

Step 2 — Create Day Break

Give your Day Break a description, assign a shooting date and a start time then click Create to save your work and add the Day Break.

Pro Tip: Once the start time has been set, the start time for each scene will automatically update once Est. times or Prep and Shoot times have been entered.

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