You can easily tailor your production to fit your needs with the Project Features option. If your shoot only requires certain pages, you can customize it.

Step 1 — Go to your Projects page

On your Projects page, click New Project

Step 2 — Title the project

In the pop-up, enter a Project Name, then click Next

Step 3 — Select Project Features Project

Choose any features relevant to your project, selected features are highlighted and display a checkmark. When you're done, click Create Project.

Why can't you locate a feature on your dashboard?

If you opened a recent project and cant find your shot list or call sheet page, don't worry, your data is not gone. This simply means that at some point, your Features were hidden. If you don't have access to a specific feature (i.e. Shot List or Call Sheets), it's most likely because the Feature isn't enabled. Click the Customize button to confirm this.

How to customize Features inside a Project

Click the gear icon and select the Features you'd like to enable or disable

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