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How to Print or Save Custom Reports
How to Print or Save Custom Reports

Learn how to print or save reports and more.

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StudioBinder makes it a breeze to print reports or just about any other page. For example, you need to print a copy of your elements list for a crew member. You can easily print or save reports as PDFs with a few clicks, making it simple and convenient for you and your crew to access important information.

Select a Report Type

  1. From Reports, Click Report Type at the top of the page to select a report type.

  2. Click  Filter Details to customize your report.

  3. Click the Print button. If your printer is selected, simply click Save to print. To save as a PDF, change the Destination to Save as PDF and click Save.

Can I print a stripboard?

Yes, you can! Take a look at our article on how to save or print a stripboard.

Best Practices when printing

Remember to always review your documents before printing. You can make additional adjustments like removing footers and headers from PDFs in the print preferences. 

If you are printing a large file, sometimes it's easier to share a link instead. This allows your team to view the documents without having to print out a ton of sheets!

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