If you're looking to export and save your shot list (or storyboard) as a PDF, or print it, you've come to the right place. To download your shot list and storyboard, follow these steps:

Step 1 — Go to your Shot List & Storyboards page

On your Shot List & Storyboards page, click the Print View.

Step 2 — Group your shots

On the left column, you'll see the your custom Lists or Scenes. We suggest creating Shot List Groups to include multiple Lists on one page.

Step 3 — Print or Save as a PDF

Click the Print button to view the print dialog pop-up.

If your printer is selected, just click Print. To download the shot list as a PDF, simply change the Destination to Save as PDF, then click Save to create your shot list (or storyboard) PDF.

If your shots are getting cut off on the page, we suggest changing the Aspect Ratio to fit more on the page, or group less shots on one page.


How do I share the shot list or send it via email?

The fastest way to deliver a shot list to a client or collaborator would be via the Share button. Keep in mind that this is available on the Studio plan and above.

Can I export shot lists into a .csv file to use in Excel?

Currently, this file format is not supported.

Is there a way to send over the shot list to my shooting schedule?

Currently, this is not possible. But if you're looking to add your shot list to your call sheet, the best way to approach would be to save your shot list or storyboard as a PDF, then simply attach it to your call sheet.

Why does it crash when I try to print or export my shot list as a PDF?

This is most likely due to the size of your images. We would suggest compressing the image sizes, or print/save in List view

Is there a way to export the shot list as a spreadsheet?

Currently, this is not possible inside StudioBinder.

Best Practices

To remove the Page Name and URL on the footer, click More Settings and uncheck Headers and Footers.

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