How do you know if your call sheet was successfully delivered to your talent and crew? StudioBinder makes tracking confirmations for your cast and crew very easy. 

Step 1 — Go to your Recipients page

On your Call Sheets page, click View Recipients. 

Step 2 — View Call Sheet Status

On your Recipients page, you can view the call sheet views and current status on the right column.

Call Sheet Status Definitions:

  1. Unsent: Call sheet has not been sent to recipient. 
  2. Sent: The call sheet has been successfully delivered to recipient.
  3. Bounced: Receiving server could not or would not accept message. 
  4. Spam: Recipient marked message as spam. 
  5. Delivered: Message has been successfully delivered to the receiving server. 
  6. Opened: Recipient received the call time email and opened it. 
  7. Confirmed: You can see who confirmed their call time with a timestamp for verification.
  8. Blocked: When your IP address has been added to a blacklist, they have been blocked by an ISP or messaging organization, the affected email shows up with this status.
  9. Dropped: You may see the following drop reasons: Invalid SMTPAPI header, Spam Content (if spam checker app enabled), Unsubscribed Address, Bounced Address, Spam Reporting Address, Invalid, Recipient List over Package Quota
  10. Deferred: Recipient’s email server temporarily rejected message.

Tip: Learn what call sheet status' mean.

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