You can manage your production with StudioBinder simply by subscribing to a premium plan. New sign-ups are automatically placed on the Free plan which has limited access to features. Whether you're curious how many Events you get on the Calendar page, or how many Shot Lists are available on each plan, keep reading. If you're planning to upgrade from a Free license to a paid one, take a look at the plan options below.



To view our current pricing plans, visit our Pricing page.


The plans

StudioBinder offers premium plans with features to help you manage and streamline your production. You will unlock access to stripboard functionality, professional call sheets, collaborator features, client approval system, custom branding, and much more. 

Currently, we do not provide any a la carte options. For example, if you're looking to only purchase our storyboard and shot list features, there is no way to pay separately.


Individual plans:

You will not be automatically billed if you remain on the Free plan.

  • 1 Project
  • Manage Contacts
  • Add Tasks
  • Prep Call Sheets

If you mainly care about call sheets, shot listing, storyboarding, and stripboard functionality, this is the plan for you. 

  • 10 Projects Total (including archived)
  • 50GB File Storage
  • Send & Confirm Call Sheets 
  • Shot Lists and Storyboards
  • Shooting Schedules

Are you looking to tag more than 10 Elements? The Professional plan might be the best fit for your needs!

  • 25 Projects Total (including archived)
  • 75GB File Storage
  • Send & Confirm Call Sheets
  • Shot Lists and Storyboards
  • Shooting Schedules
  • Script Breakdowns
  • Production Calendar


  • Unlimited Projects 
  • 100GB File Storage 
  • Send & Confirm Call Sheets
  • Shot Lists and Storyboards
  • Shooting Schedules 
  • Script Breakdowns
  • Production Calendar
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Branding Options 

Company plans:


  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • 200GB File Storage
  • 3 Teammates

Production Company

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • 400GB File Storage
  • 6 Teammates


  • On-demand Team & Storage
  • Multi-team Management
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Brand Whitelabeling
  • Priority Support & Onboarding


Annual or monthly

All StudioBinder plans are available with an annual or monthly billing cycle. If you choose an annual plan, your monthly cost will be lower. 


If I sign up for the whole year at once, am I billed immediately?

That is correct, you will immediately be billed for the cost of the entire year.


Refunds, Charges and Prorated Billing

Subscription upgrades and downgrades

If you're already subscribed to a premium plan and upgrade to a higher plan, you will only be charged the prorated difference between the two plans. For example, if you upgrade from the Indie plan to the Professional subscription, you will only pay the difference.


Pay per project option

Is there a way to pay-per-project instead of monthly/annually? Currently, this option is not available. 


Which plan provides Teammate access?

To add another person on your account as a Teammate, you must be subscribed to one of the Company Plans.

If you add or remove teammates mid-cycle

When inviting additional teammates to your account, you will be charged the prorated difference for the remaining days for the month. Similarly, if you remove team seats, you will be refunded a prorated amount for the remaining days on the month. If you need more than 6 Users on your account, just reference our Enterprise options.

Does my teammate pay for their subscription?

When the account holder invites a teammate, they are responsible for paying the additional amount on their account. The invited teammate does not need to pay in order to join the Project.

Switching from an annual plan to monthly

If you are currently on an annual plan and switch to monthly, you will be credited the prorated difference for the unused months. You will receive an invoice based on the price of the monthly plan minus the unused time on the annual plan.

Switching from a monthly plan to an annual plan, you'll receive an invoice that will be the cost of unused time from the month minus the cost of the yearly plan.

Your billing cycle will remain the same.

Note: StudioBinder does not provide any free trial plans.

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